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International Business has a distinct position in Blue Cross Policy. With accreditation from various international authorities for Liquid, Solid and semisolid dosage forms manufactured at Nasik and Goa plants, Blue Cross has carved its own position in Global markets.

Blue Cross has wide range of products covering therapeutic areas of Pain/Inflammation and Spasm management, gastrointestinal ailments,Cardiovascular Disease Management,Cough and Cold Remedies, Anti-infectives, Diabetes Management as well as Dermatology.

Our international marketing team meets general practitioners, as well as Physicians, Pediatricians, General Surgeons,Orthopedic Surgeons, Cardiologists, Dentists, Diabetologists,Gynaecologists, ENT Specialists and Gastroenterologists on a GLOBAL SCALE and promote brands like Meftal, Tus Q, Blumox, K-Glim, Angicam, Extacef to mention a few.


Our products are regularly exported to Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda, D.R. Congo, Mauritius, Lesotho, Maldives, Nigeria, Ghana, South Sudan, Cambodia, Sri Lanka, Myanmar and West Indies. We are currently catering to the Emerging markets with our own branded generics.

At Blue Cross commitment to quality and innovation is omnipresent. Our products reflect quality assurance and competent dedicated personnel, who have quality close to their heart. We have built an attitude of perfectionism in every team member and this helps us in meeting the Global demands of excellence. Today, we can boast of world class quality products at affordable price.