Quality Control and Assurance Process

The process of Quality Control and Quality Assurance starts right from the stage of procurement of raw material to delivery of finished product. Each raw material, packaging material and finished product goes through stringent quality checks. As part of the Quality Control and Assurance process, a Standard Operating Procedure is in place which forms the guideline for the procedures to be followed for each activity that is performed in the plants and laboratories. The development process for any formulation ensures strict compliance with GMP.

Every raw/packaging material received at the manufacturing sites is procured only from well established and approved manufacturers or suppliers. Approved vendors are judged by a vendor audit or by evaluating their yearly performance.

  • Each raw/packaging material is sampled and analysed by Q.C. before releasing for production. Additional tests like solubility, water content, chromatographic purity and particle size are done on ingredient to ensure highest quality.
  • Dedicated Q.A. personnel are available on the shop-floor to check every batch manufactured.
  • Finished products are analysed as per pharmacopieal specification and additional stringent in-house specifications.
  • Process validation studies for every product are carried out by Quality Assurance personnel every year to judge the performance parameters.
  • Quality Control personnel conduct regular "Post Marketing Stability Studies" every year by procuring samples from different regions of India.

Regular training programme are conducted with emphasis on regular use of internet and library facilities to upgrade the individuals with new technology.