MEGO® – XL+ Injection

Not to be sold by retail without the prescription of a Registered Medical Practitioner

MEGO – XL+ Injection
Each 2 ml Ampoule MEGO-XL+ Injection Contains:
Methylcobalamin 1000 mcg
Pyridoxine hydrochloride IP 100 mg
Nicotinamide IP 100 mg
Folic Acid IP 0.7 mg
Benzyl alcohol IP (as preservative) 2% w/v
Water for injection IP q.s.
MEGO-XL+ Injection is indicated for the treatment of peripheral neuropathies including diabetic neuropathy in adults.
Adults: The usual dosage is 1 ampule of MEGO-XL+ Injection daily, administered I.M. or I.V. infusion 3 times a week. The dosage may be adjusted depending on the patient’s age and symptoms. Injectable therapy is usually given for 4 to 8 consecutive weeks; followed by, therapy can be continued with oral preparations.
Or, as prescribed by the Physician..
2 ml ampoule.

For any further information, healthcare professionals can click here to download the Prescribing Information of MEGO-XL+INJ.